Research gathered by Facebook on Instagram’s most recent concept of ‘stories’ revealed that people consume and use Instagram’s stories differently than they do with the regular feed. Instagram has been well known for its algorithmic feed that group together your interests and friends in a visually appealing way. 2 years ago, the launch of stories brought a new aspect of creativity to the Instagram game that gave marketers the ability to customize content. Stories provide an engaging way to share photos, videos and content in a full screen visual that disappears within 24 hours. Stories can be edited to have a unique and fun touch with the addition of stickers and Emojis. Unlike stories, the Instagram feed is a more straightforward, long lasting way to share content.

Instagram stories are a good opportunity for marketers to introduce new products and ideas for their company as well as share unfiltered genuine content. In fact, more than 1 in 3 users reported that they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in an Instagram story. The use of stories offer consumers a more authentic view of companies and their products.

In the U.S. stories provide useful information for consumers such as, trustful information on things they care about, information on events, (shows concerts, fairs) that are relevant, learning about new products that are of interest to them, and allow users to stay informed about the brands they follow. The fact that stories delete after 24 hours give them a more casual way of advertising as oppose to the Instagram feed which provides more of a platform for users to connect with family and friends to see what is going on in their lives as well as less informational pictures of products from various brands. For marketers, the use of stories is a large window of opportunity to subtly advertise your products` and brand in an engaging and informal way.

Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, companies have marketed themselves formally within their Instagram feed by strategically posting content that they think is suitable for their users. Stories undermine the formal concept that we once recognized Instagram for and allow users to cater to their market, using more creative, authentic and behind the scenes type of content. Marketers should capitalize on these social media trends and learn more about what will increase revenue and grow an audience for their brands.