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Evaluate your potential with our world class marketing solutions. Establish a long-term strategy plan, understand your consumers and discuss how to drive qualified customers directly to your website.

Media Planning

Creating strategic planning to reach your target audience across desktop, mobile, email, OTT and OOH.

Optimization & Client Success

Dual Track Optimization: Campaign seeding, local-regional specific algorithms test & refine targeting, Homebase Digital walks customers through the process.

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What else we provide?

Targeted Display, Video & Social

Targeted Display, Video & Social ads are served across hundreds of high-brand, high traffic and brand-safe sites. Additionally, we offer content marketing solutions that convert readers into customers.

Web Development & SEO

Our talented team of designers create dynamic websites which represent your brand and expands your visibility. Further, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the quality, quantity, clarity and value of the content on your website.


Reach your customers while they are traveling outside of their home, increasing your brand awareness and activating a higher level of engagement.

Tradeshow Marketing

Grow your fan base by introducing new products, engaging your audience at events and enhancing your brand recognition.

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Liz White
Managing Director
Evan Foster
Client Success Specialist
Matt Carusone
Digital Sales Executive
Elaine Goncalves
Digital Sales Executive
Victoria Page
Client Insights & Social Strategies
Audrey Rowe
Business Development

What our clients say

“Working with Homebase Digital helped us expand our online presence and increase our brand awareness on social media. We saw a significant increase in our web traffic via digital ads. With the various layers of advertising available, there are options to meet almost any need and budget. The sales team was dedicated to putting together a package that incorporated all the different areas we were looking to reach, and to do it within my budget.  We value our relationship with the Record Journal team and appreciate their efforts to anticipate our needs and deliver a dependable product.”

Rachele Patrignelli Nelson Hall Theatre Manager at Elim Park

“Homebase Digital is embracing that format which is the way that communication is conducted these days. Pretty much every business I know, mom-and-pop shops up to the largest of corporations, is trying to understand how to leverage this digital world.”

Sean Moore President of the Midstate Chamber of Commerce

Who we are?

With the digital world constantly evolving it’s important to keep your brand at the forefront so let us help you analyze your current marketing plan and determine if it’s the right plan to meet your business goals.

  • SEO and Keyword Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Video Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Strategy and Consulting
Digital Analytics
Web Development
Content Creation


About us

We are your one comprehensive resource for all your marketing needs with a team of leading digital experts that specialize in helping businesses succeed online through website design, development and Marketing. We design websites that boost traffic and conversions, while providing SEO, Display Targeting, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Content Marketing to engage your audience.

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