We are currently living in the most technologically advanced time period where everything is at the touch of a button. The digital realm is beyond the tipping point. This makes the advertising experience a lot more direct and convenient. With these advancements, e-commerce marketers have an increasing opportunity. The use of smartphones enables people to make online purchases at their own convenience. During an April 2017 survey, 40 percent of Internet users in the United States stated that they purchased items online at several times per month, 20% reported having bought items or services online on a weekly basis (Statista).

These numbers are on the rise and as mobile commerce continues to grow it is important that retailers capitalize on this opportunity. There are many different trends and factors to recognize when marketing to the online community. Advertisements are everything. People are always scrolling down their Instagram feed looking to see what their old college roommates did over the long weekend. Often times, they are sidetracked by advertisements.

Targeted display and video advertising are crucial for engaging your customers. These ads are served across hundreds of high-brand, high-traffic, and brand-safe sites. Following a list of criteria will help you reach the appropriate audience by means of Geography, Demographics (age, gender income) and lastly, behavior such as browser history, search queries and content consumed through social media sharing.

Many companies are unaware of the significance of purchase patterns by time of week and time of day of consumers. Think about when you are scrolling through your phone the most; after work. On a Friday evening, you have the ability to leisurely look through your phones’ social media apps. These particular times are when e-commerce marketers are capitalizing.

In fact, e-commerce marketers are already capturing this opportunity. According to NBC News, a new survey from the rehab facility Archstone Recovery Center found that when people log into Amazon while drinking, they tend to spend more money. For example, Friday-night purchases of lingerie average $308, or 140% higher than they are on Monday nights. Shoe purchases- especially heels; platforms and sandals are a whopping 165 percent higher (NBC News).

Nearly 2,000 Americans reported having made purchases while under the influence. These numbers should come as no surprise living in an era with shopping being at the convenience of one-click. Moving forward, trends like these will continue to be identified and capitalized on to expand audiences and make more revenue. Because of our inevitable attachment to the digital world and our cell phones, the e-commerce market is almost unstoppable.

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