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Today we’re going talk about increasing your brand awareness, how you can accomplish this, and how your business can benefit from this increase. Brand awareness is the extension of your business that helps customers or potential customers recognize your brand, company, business, or organization by using associative networking models. Some of these associative networking models includes top of mind, recognition, recall, awareness, consideration, preference, retention, and trust. All these notions and components go into brand awareness through the organization and goals of what you’re trying to achieve with social media, digital marketing, advertising, designing, strategizing, and identifying your brand.

3 Steps to Increase Your Business’ Brand Awareness:

Are you struggling with getting your brand’s name out there? Does it seem like your page views are static? Sounds like your company is in desperate need of more brand awareness! First, let’s go over what brand awareness is: Brand awareness is how consumers recognize and remember your brand. The greater the brand awareness you have, the more people will be familiar with your logo, products, and brand. Having good brand awareness is crucial to gaining new customers and keeping your current customers. Here are a few steps on how to increase your business’ brand awareness.

  1. Social media!

Posting on social media consistently can increase your business’ brand awareness. By doing this, your content, name, logo and even colors will be presented to your followers and even potential followers who happen to stumble across your profile. If they have seen your profile or heard of your brand before, hopefully it sticks in their head to stay recognizable in the future. Social media platforms are a huge leverage for businesses of all sizes. One viral post can result in lifetime success with your brand. It is really all based on luck but if you post engaging content then people will be interested in your brand. Now, almost all social media platforms have an option to promote your content on that specific platform for money. Running ads on different platforms can promote your profile and content to people who wouldn’t normally see it but have the same interests as your company. This is an effective way if organic posts aren’t working for your company. A great way to gain brand awareness is doing contests on social media platforms. This way you’ll ask your followers to share, repost, and tag friends in your post to get more recognition and hopefully more brand awareness amongst potential new followers.

  1. Start a podcast or YouTube channel!

Starting a podcast or YouTube channel for your brand is a great way to grab the attention of viewers who wouldn’t normally be on the other social media platforms. Figure out who is an expert within your company to talk or vlog about your brand. By doing this, you can showcase your brand’s personality more and give out tips and tricks about your brand. For example, if you are a marketing agency then an episode for your YouTube and podcast can consist of different tips on how to grow your social media platforms. The more value you add to your consumer’s life the more they will remember your brand and hopefully become a loyal customer.

  1. Host an event!

Hosting or sponsoring a local event can get your company’s name out there. Whoever attends the event will associate the event with your company. Displaying your brand’s personality will also reel in customers who want to know more about it. Even if they don’t buy anything, they will most likely think of your company first when they are prompted with something that reminds them of your brand. A great hack when hosting an event is to give out freebies. Even if it is something as simple as a pen with your company logo on it, this will increase your brand awareness by a lot. Hosting an event will be super beneficial for your company’s brand awareness and to also gain new customers.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you but most importantly your business to gain the brand awareness that it deserves!

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