By Elisa Leone

Receiving good deals on Cyber Monday is super important for a happier holiday experience for your customers. Which means that business owners need to advertise their business the right way to win over the attention of their customers. Here are three ways to hack Cyber Monday.

  1. Start early and stack up your inventory
    Starting to advertise your business and products weeks before Cyber Monday is super beneficial because it lets your returning and potential customers know what deals are available. Also, if there are new product releases or special edition items, it would be smart to tease these products early to your customers to get them excited for their release date on Cyber Monday. Stacking up inventory is super important because you don’t want to run out which will eventually make your business lose sales. Also, you don’t want the fear of over-selling your products because then you will end up with unhappy customers who will receive their order weeks later.
  2. Provide discount and referral codes
    Providing extra discount codes for your website on Cyber Monday will further enhance your customers to buy from your business. If customers know that they are receiving the best deal on your website, then they will buy from you instead. Be smart when running promotions during this time. Other businesses will be in competition with you so you should keep that in mind. Doing a customer referral program is a great way to improve sales and brand awareness. The main thing is to give your customers a reason to want to refer to other people. What do they get out of it?
  3. Utilizing social media
    Using social media to benefit your business is a must. Utilizing social media can reach customers who don’t see your ads on the web. Also, by doing something creative like a countdown to Cyber Monday, would get your followers and customers excited to want to shop with your company. Getting your customers excited for new products and deals on social media will really increase your sales. Also, if customers have questions about the deals, promotions, or products that will be featured on Cyber Monday, they can comment their questions on your business’ page. Good customer service goes a long way for potential and returning customers.

Preparing your business for Cyber Monday will greatly benefit your company, sales, and will provide your business with satisfied customers. Getting customers excited about the upcoming deals and products will make them to want to buy from your business rather than others. I hope these marketing strategies will be successful for your business on Cyber Monday! Good luck!